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The idea

What if we all work together to show others how much we care?

The impact

If every church, every group, every organization in our county pulled together as ONE COMMUNITY to show love to our neighbors–what kind of impact would it have?

#SERVECOWETA is about One Community, Serving Together, Making a Difference.

How #servecoweta started

In 2018, RiverLife launched an initiative to pull together volunteers from our community to serve our neighbors. Projects included minor home repair, serving our local nonprofits, showing appreciation for our first responders, teachers, local pastors and leaders, and many other county-wide volunteer efforts created by the community, for the community.

Tornado Relief and Recovery

After the EF4 Tornado on March 26, 2021, Serve Coweta is now organizing as a VOLUNTEER HUB  for accepting requests for clean up efforts and mobilizing teams to serve. 

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