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Request Assistance
Are you the Home Owner?
Are you currently living in the home?
Do you have homeowners/renters insurance?
What type of volunteer assistance do you need?

This request is for volunteer services. For other services and referrals, please visit: 


I certify that all information submitted on the application is accurate and true. I have also read the application process and understand that completing this application does not guarantee approval. If approved, I do hereby authorize volunteers and staff of RiverLife, Inc. and the #ServeCoweta initiative to make the agreed upon repairs and release RiverLife, Inc. from all liability whatsoever in the performance of this Authorization as long as the work has been completed in a workmanlike manner. I understand the work will be completed by volunteers donating their time, resources and efforts, to the best of their ability and that all work is subject to volunteer availability and weather conditions.

By submitting this request, I give permission to share this information with local agencies for the sole purpose of fulfilling needs requested on this form. My information will not be shared to businesses for solicitation of paid services.

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