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Website created by Abigail Grace Reeves, RiverLife volunteer, 14 years old.

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RiverLife Sponsorship includes #ServeCoweta Events

Our sponsors are investing in more than an event. They are investing in a movement toward a better community! Sponsors are sowing into the lives of those in need and providing opportunities for volunteers to serve.


RiverLife leads teams of volunteers YEAR-ROUND to serve people in need of home repair. Sponsors and supporters of our ministry enable us to equip and empower our volunteers by providing tools and materials for projects. With sponsorships, our RiverLife team can focus on recruitment of individuals and groups who are willing to be the "boots on the ground" even if these volunteers cannot fund projects. This reduces our waiting list and allows the larger projects to be completed in a more timely manner.


This community-wide day of service is  one of the best ways to show kindness to our neighbors and to support our local mission organizations. Sponsoring this event is a fantastic way to build relationships with churches, civic groups, businesses and other volunteers from all over our county. We are so excited about our vision for #ServeCoweta and we hope you’ll join us! Along with everything listed in the sponsor tiers we will also have an information booth where all of our sponsors will have the opportunity to place fliers, coupons,  or any promotional material that is approved by our #ServeCoweta Coordinator.  We look forward to helping customize your sponsorship to best fit in with our event and in order to optimize exposure for you.