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Tornado Relief/Recovery Volunteer Form

I can assist with:
I have the following equipment to use:

We will connect you to people in need of these services or you can choose your own.

Please list TYPE of heavy machinery and attachments.

Parent/Guardian (if participant is a minor)

I understand that programs are provided by RiverLife, Inc., and understand the potential hazards involved with my (or my child’s) participation in these programs, including the risk of personal injury to me, my child and/or property while participating in a RiverLife event. I further understand and acknowledge that the participants in such programs are not covered under insurance of RiverLife, Inc. and RiverLife, Inc. will not allow participation in these programs absent my signing this release. I authorize and grant permission for a representative of RiverLife, Inc. to treat minor injuries including scrapes, small cuts, splinters, and insect bites and to obtain emergency medical care from any licensed physician or hospital and/or medical clinic should my child become ill or injured and if neither parent nor guardian is available to grant authorization for emergency treatment. I therefore freely and voluntarily execute this release with such knowledge, assume the risk of personal injury and/or property loss arising from or in any way connected with participation in any programs offered by RiverLife, Inc.


I hereby release and discharge RiverLife, Inc. and any and all agents/volunteers of RiverLife, Inc. from any liability, claim, cause of action, demand or damages from injury or damages of any kind to me, my child or my property as a result of participation in the programs of RiverLife, Inc., even if the result of the negligence of RiverLife, Inc. and any and all agents/volunteers of RiverLife, Inc. I further waive, release, absolve and agree to indemnify and hold RiverLife, Inc. harmless as a result of participation in any programs sponsored by RiverLife, Inc.

PHOTO RELEASE: I grant permission and understand that photos and other images taken during this event could be used in print and digital advertising and other forms of media.

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